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Teignmouth Science Festival, Friday 19 March 2010

Fran Hamilton describes how “members of Teign Estuary Transition shared a table with Carbonsense who showed a video illustrating climate change which generated interest and discussion. Our display included the new National Curriculum for primary schools that takes effect from 2011, which seems to be almost underpinned by the 6 principles of the Transition movement and gives hope to the direction that education is moving in. We also showed the cross curriculum for key stage 3 & 4 (secondary level) which also looks enlightened. The display gave much opportunity to engage with the public and teachers in particular, and fitted in well with the festival’s science theme. It was a really good day which illustrated the appropriateness and need for the Transition message to be out there with the public. Our next move could be to visit schools and ask teachers how best we can help them.”

For further details of the Festival, see http://www.teignmouthsciencefestival.com/Teignmouth_Science_Festival/Home.html

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