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Earth Hour goes digital

This is the latest from the Earth Hour 2020 organisers:

“We hope you are safe and well.

This year, we are facing Earth Hour in exceptional circumstances with countries around the world experiencing a health crisis with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We recognize the exceptional challenge that the world is facing and we thank you for your support as we try to realign our Earth Hour work appropriately. In light of the latest developments, the Earth Hour global organizing team is recommending all individuals to take part in Earth Hour digitally this year.

While we understand that many of you may have been keen to join or host an on-ground community event this Earth Hour, your well-being and the well-being of others is our top priority – after all, Earth Hour’s strength has always been the power of the people. Despite the challenging circumstances, we believe that given the right platform, your voices and actions still have the potential to transcend towns, cities, countries and all physical borders – and going digital provides this very opportunity, at a time we need it most. By taking part online or at home this Earth Hour, we are confident that our collective voices can reach ever further and create more impact than ever before.

Now more than ever, we must unite to look after one another and the one home we all share. Nature is the planet’s life support system and gives us everything we need; from the air we breathe, the water we drink, to the food we eat. Whichever way you choose to participate in Earth Hour this year (Saturday, March 28 at 8:30 pm your local time), know that your actions are helping ensure a safer, fairer and healthier future for everyone.

Thank you and most importantly, stay safe.

👉  How to take part online or at home  “

Community Garden in January

The garden is as sparse as you will ever see it at this time of year, but the beans planted in November are looking good, and, (I hope you can hear) birds are singing! So spring must be close..


Devon Net Zero Carbon Plan

Unfortunately we managed to cross our wires and miss Transition Exeter’s Net Zero Carbon meeting. But, we do now have some links and comments that you may find useful:

The link for submitting ideas to the Devon Carbon Plan is  www.devonclimateemergency.org.uk, which is open for submissions through December.
We also have, from Transition Exeter, a couple of documents by FoE – a 50 point action plan and a list of local policy suggestions, and, a local policy levers document.
And, this is a link to a report covering these issues and more by North West Green MEP Gina Dowding:   https://ginadowding.org.uk/reports/green-new-deal-in-the-north-west/

Community garden

img_20191103_120908There’s been a lot of rain! It does make weeding easier. Clearing the top plots for peas and beans next year, and, we’ve put in a couple of rows of broad beans to over-winter.


Free Open Meeting to Explore Emergency Climate Issues: Sat 12th October

A Teignmouth Community Networking Event on

Saturday 12th October: 10.30 am – 1.00pm

Teign Heritage Centre
29 French St.
Teignmouth TQ14 8ST


EVERYONE WELCOME – Tickets available from Eventbrite.co.uk

or call Jackie on 07917 428680


Welcome – Jackie Jackson

THE BIG PICTURE – Climate Change – Why is it an Emergency?
Speaker – Dr Stephen Aves, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, Exeter University

THE LOCAL PICTURE – What exists locally, and what is Permaculture offering?
Speaker – Roxy Piper, Permaculture Association


THE BUSINESS VIEW – What can local businesses do?
Speaker- Tim Bouget, Owner/Chef, Café Ode, Shaldon

THE PERSONAL PICTURE – What can we personally do about it and can we make a difference?
Speaker – Audrey Compton, Bovey Climate Action

Afterwards: Ideas Boards – time to network, talk, collect ideas for a “Round Up” with Audrey, Steve, Jackie and Roxy

Create a new Teignmouth Community Working Group to liaise with and challenge local government action groups, or make personal pledges to inspire.

More information wanted? Get in touch with Jackie Jackson,

jjjaxon@hotmail.co.uk 07917428680

Climate Change: Heading for Extinction

Event by Extinction Rebellion, Exeter at the Alice Cross Centre, Teignmouth

As you know Teignbridge have passed a motion to be Carbon Neutral by 2025.  This will clearly effect us all.

At the meeting, Extinction Rebellion will talk about the climate and ecological emergency we face and what we can do about it.  There will also be a wildlife expert who will talk about what we as individuals can do to help.

Alice Cross Centre on July 26 from 7 to 9

This is a free event although we will be asking for donations for expenses.  Some refreshments will be provided.

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