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Local intiatives

This page contains information about local initiatives related to the aims of Teign Estuary Transtion


Car sharing scheme for Devon

Eastcliff Park, Teignmouth

The Husbandry School

Husbandry is an ancient word which means nothing less than‘the care and management of nature and resources for living’.

“Husbandry is an honourable, ancient art which we believe will play a vital role in the transition we all must make towards a sustainable future – for towns, for agriculture, and the planet as a whole.”

Based in Bickington, Devon.

Stokeinteignhead village shop

Community run local shop

Sustainable Bishop

Sustainable Bishop has been set up to raise the awareness of and promote sustainability issues in the village of Bishopsteignton and to provide information and other facilities to those interested to enable them to make their lives more sustainable.

Teignmouth Arts Advisory Group

Improving communication between artists and art organisations in the Teignmouth area

Teignmouth Traders Association

West Teignmouth Environmental Group

Robin Horsely has set up an environmental group based in West Teignmouth for people based in that part of the town. The idea for the group partly came from a radio programme surveying bird populations in city gardens, and how important gardens could be for protecting and supporting birds and wildlife generally, within a wider picture of falling numbers amongst certain bird populations. The purpose of the group is threefold: firstly to support wildlife in gardens in West Teignmouth ; secondly to support the growing of food in our gardens; thirdly to discuss and mutually support each other in more generally sustainable ways of living. The Group’s intention is to be mutually supportive, and for the exchange of information and inspiration. It meets once a month on a Wednesday evening, starting 7.45 p.m., with a ten-minute meditation/silent period, followed by a discussion until 9 p.m. For the discussion, the Group uses a talking stick (originally a North American Indian custom) so that the stick is taken by the first person who wishes to speak and then passed round a circle; only the person holding the stick can speak. The meditation followed by this method allows people to go deeper and creates a safely held atmosphere where everyone feels invited to speak if they wish.

At present there are 6 members of the group, and more members are welcome. People can call Robin on 01626 779424, or email him at: rmhorsley@yahoo.co.uk.

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