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About us

Teign Estuary Transition is a local initiative to move towards a low energy, sustainable future. We are a group of local people who are concerned about the twin challenges of diminishing oil and gas supplies, known as ‘Peak Oil’, and climate change.

We believe that these challenges can be turned into real opportunities for us in a step-by-step ‘transition’ to a sustainable future.  As part of a growing movement of Transition initiatives around the world we want to create a healthier, happier environment to live in.

We want to inspire creative solutions in the transition to a low carbon future. Local activities are shown to work! We can share ideas, help to generate awareness and enthusiasm, and above all we intend to have fun.

What is climate change?
The climate has always changed.  But now humans are accelerating that by burning fossil fuels in our power stations, cars and factories.   If we don’t drastically cut back on these carbon emissions there will be dire  environmental consequences.

What is Peak Oil?
‘Peak Oil’ is the point at which half of global oil reserves have been used, and prices rise dramatically.

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