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“Eat for Devon”: press coverage

Thank you for taking part in this challenge. Between us, we have already increased our awareness of the issues around using locally sourced food. Local papers are interested in our experiment; we’ve got items in the Teignmouth Post and Herald Express.

“Eat for Devon”: review and feed-back

Please let us know how you got on with this challenge, whether you’ve been eating locally produced food for years and sailed through, or whether you couldn’t get started, or are somewhere in between.

What can we each do next as Transition Group members, to increase local resilience? Will you continue trying to source local food? Please leave a comment.

“Eat for Devon”: celebrate – share a meal

The week’s experiment is drawing to a close. How about arranging with friends or family to share a meal tomorrow to which you each bring a contribution of locally produced or sourced food?

“Eat for Devon”: food swap

How about organising a ‘food swap’ with friends, neighbours or colleagues – if you each swap something you’ve grown in your garden (or windowsill) then you both get more variety.

“Eat for Devon”: half-way through

Hi how’s it going? Is anyone struggling? Is it getting easier or more difficult? Too expensive? Let us know what the issues are.

Haven’t got started yet? It’s not too late! If you could plan just one meal using locally produced/sourced food it will help us to understand more about the challenges involved in this experiment.

“Eat for Devon”: useful websites and further reading

Looking for inspiration for locally sourced food? Here are some websites that might help:

BTCV’s Grow Your Own Food Guide, this downloadable guide aims to help you get the best from food and reduce the impact on our environment and is crammed with tips, advice and recipes.

Your free guide to the best restaurants, pubs, cafes, accommodation, recipes and shopping in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, Bath and Bristol.

Described as Your essential guide to the best eating and drinking in Devon, this guide aims to promote Devon-based businesses committed to producing and using local raw materials and ingredients.

A free magazine that celebrates food and drink in Devon.