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EARTH HOUR – details of Programme at TAAG Arts & Community Centre


on Saturday 25th March at 7pm
Doors open at 6.30pm for Exhibition viewing

The theme of the Earth Hour exhibition is ‘Crack’ which evolved out of a discussion about cracking ice at the North Pole, cracking rock and went on to encompass cracks in society, boundaries, borders, migrations, refugees and beyond. The exhibition is a response to the theme from local artists in the context of a changing world both environmentally and socially. It is an exciting artistic expression of their thoughts and feelings in a range of artistic forms including poetry.

On the same evening we are lucky to have Kate and Andy Benham who founded South Devon Wine Tours to introduce us to our local vineyards and a selection of local wines. As a result of climate change and the temperate zone moving towards the poles, the wine industry is flourishing in the South of England. By contrast, in many parts of the world it is suffering great losses.

Evening programme:

6.30              Doors open for exhibition viewing
7pm              Introduction to local wines and wine tasting
8.30-9.30    Earth Hour.  Lights out and poetry reading by  candlelight.
Light refreshments.
9.30              Lights on – live music and continued  exhibition viewing

Tickets: £6
Tea, Coffee and fruit juices available

Monday 27th March  and Monday 3rd April
10.00 am-12.30pm
Make a mosaic with Michelle Greenwood – Brown inspired by cracks using hot, cold or earth colours and recycled tiles
Each workshop – £10.
All materials and equipment supplied.
Both workshops are recommended as 2nd week will be finishing and grouting.  Beginners welcome but there is a minimum age of 8 and all children have to be accompanied by an adult. Coffee and Tea provided.
Booking is essential. Email info@teignmoutharts.org

Monday 27th March 7.30pm:  ‘Tomorrow’
At last – a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film!
At last a film offering solutions rather than just problems. From around the world it brings us the many creative solutions people are finding to meet the challenges we face in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education.

Tomorrow has been a huge phenomenon in France; launched in December 2015, it has been watched by over 1.5 million people and won Best Documentary at the Cesar Awards (the French Oscars). The film premiered in Paris during the COP21 climate talks and had its British premiere with simultaneous broadcasts in Totnes, Todmorden and Bristol on 24th January 2017.

Now it has come to Teignmouth as all good things must.
Don’t miss it.
Showing at 7.30 pm

Friday 31st March 7.30pm      
Lions in the Landscape:
a talk by Dr Alayne Cotterill
Dr Alayne Cotterill is an ecologist working in Kenya to secure ways in which some of the last remaining large land predators, lions, can survive amidst an increasing human population.

Alayne founded Lion Landscapes which is ‘an independent lion conservation organisation, operating in Africa, that increases the capacity of local partners to secure viable populations of lions and other large carnivores. Lion Landscapes focuses on lion research, capacity building and innovation.’   www.lionlandscapes.org.

Alayne’s work brings her into constant contact with local people, both landowners and pastoral tribes as well as lions.  Alayne has lived and worked in Kenya for the last 12 years; she and her family have recently bought a house in Teignmouth where she went to school as a child.


Saturday 1st April 10 -11am    
Local energy talk and discussion
Community Energy 
Feel we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels?
Feel we need to take action locally?
Feel more could be done with community buildings?

Find out how a local Teignbridge community energy initiative addresses this. Meet Helen and Fuad from Teign Energy Communities (www.teignenergycommunities.co.uk)
Short talk about what we’ve already achieved, followed by a discussion about community energy. Come and be part of the local energy solution.

And all this over a free coffee or tea!

Sunday 2nd April  10 -12.30am     
Creative use of old fabrics and threads 
Introduction to innovative use of fabrics and threads for Textile Art
All materials supplied £5 per person
* Bring your own sewing machine if you prefer and bits and pieces of fabric if you have a colour palette in mind

Minimum age unless accompanied by an adult 15+
Workshop not suitable for young children

Booking essential as limited spaces
Call or text Liz Lockyear on 07753 816399 or emailinfo@teignmoutharts.org

Sunday 2nd April 2- 4.30pm  
Basket weaving ending up with a willow platter

Would you like to learn how to weave a beautiful natural willow platter? Perhaps a platter for cheese and bread or to use for protecting your table from hot dishes.

Cost: £10 tuition which includes materials.
Where: TAAG
When: Sunday 2nd April 2.00 pm to 4.30
What to bring: old apron, secateurs if you have any.

Limited numbers so please book 078120 13488 to secure your happiness.

Monday 3rd April -10.00am     
Mosaics with Michelle Greenwood- Brown
2nd Workshop
Booking is essential. Email info@teignmoutharts.org

 Wednesday 5th April – 7.30pm
“Strawberries at Christmas”
 – a talk by Mark McCarthy, a climate scientist at the Met Office
In this talk he will travel from some rather unseasonal fruit in his Teignmouth back garden through over 100 years of Teignmouth and world weather records to see what our small corner of the world can tell us about climate.


Earth Hour 2016

It’s Earth Hour tonight! Are you switching off your lights between 8.30 and 9.30 pm? Join in at  http://earthhour.wwf.org.uk

Our Beautiful Planet

Teign Estuary Transition have been invited by TAAG to take part in two Earth Hour themed exhibitions; Our Beautiful Planet, which will run from the 30 January to the 12 February, and Earth Hour, on Saturday 19 March 2016.

The exhibition curator is Rachael Bennett, but if you’re up for adding a bit of inspiration to our displays at these exhibitions, developing a showcase for us, do get in touch,



Celebrate the healing of the Ozone Layer!

… with the wonderful Ozone Song by David Haines, Carbon Visuals and the “Delightful Fighting-Fit, Floating Phytoplankton”


Climate Week is this week

Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future.

Culminating in a week of activities, it showcases practical solutions from every sector of society.

Each year, half a million people attend 3,000 events in Britain’s biggest ever environmental occasion.


Igloo and Arctic Warrior on the TRAIL

Igloo and Arctic Warrior at the Teignmouth Sculpture Trail – our wonderful polar bear ready to defend his Kingdom.

Thanks to TRAIL,  Holcombe Community Orchard and TAAG Arts and Community Centre for help in constructing the plastic milk bottles to make the igloo. And to all those who brought empty milk bottles to us!

Thanks also to Greenpeace for generously giving us the polar bear used in their Arctic Campaign at Glastonbury Festival which,  once the sculpture tail is over,  will spend the rest of his days at Living Coast.