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Review of Earth Hour, Saturday 27 March 2010

Local establishments intending to join in included the Colosseum, Owl and the Pussycat, Decks, the Bay Hotel, Trade Winds, Naz, and the Courtenay. This event received good press interest, with a preview in Friday’s Teignmouth Post, and a photographer from the Herald Express in attendance at the Bay Hotel for a review due later this week.

Bay Hotel guests and members of public in the bar were interested to hear about Earth Hour while we lit dozens of tea-light candles. Promptly at 8.30pm barman Jason switched off lighting in public areas. All guests responded positively to the event, and at 9.30pm when Jason offered to put lights back on, several people requested that the bar could remain in candle light. In the Hotel’s lounge bar, a group were holding a private birthday party for a woman from Tasmania. She was delighted that we were observing Earth Hour: the event started in Australia and she hadn’t expected it to have reached Teignmouth! We shared our candles and she was enthusiastic about having her party in the dark.

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