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This is the web site for Teign Estuary Transition: a local initiative to help communities around the Teign Estuary explore collaborative ways to move towards a low energy, sustainable future.

It has been started by an enthusiastic group of local people who are concerned about the twin challenges of diminishing oil and gas supplies, known as ‘Peak Oil’, and climate change. We believe that these challenges offer opportunities for a step-by-step ‘transition’ to a sustainable future.

Have a look at the About us page and other links in the menu at the top or in the left margin for further information about Teign Estuary Transition, our subgroups, and the Transition Movement.

General news items can be found under General news in the top menu, or go to any of the categories under News in the left-hand margin for the latest information on specific activities.

We want to create a healthier, happier environment to live in. We want to inspire creative solutions in the transition to a low carbon future. We share ideas, help to generate awareness and enthusiasm, and above all aim to have fun.

Are you interested in joining us to encourage:

  • Increasing use of local food and other supplies
  • Gardening to increase food-production
  • Alternative energy sources & energy-efficiency
  • Transport systems to help reduce car-use
  • Well-being and sense of community
  • Something else you’d like to achieve
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