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Plough and Share raised at Town Council meeting 9th July 2013

Four members of Teign Estuary Transition attended the Town Council meeting on 9th July at which the proposal for the Council to support establishing a Plough and Share Credit Union service point in Teignmouth was raised by Councillor Donald Baldey.

Although we hadn’t given the required 3 days notice to speak, the Council allowed Helen to say a few words about Plough and Share and why TET thought it a good idea to promote them within Teignmouth.

The Council were very supportive but wished to get further details before committing Bitton House as a service point. Once again we came away with the feeling that the Council are very supportive of TET activities and we hope to go along to the next meeting to follow up.

Look out for a mention and photo in next week’s Teignmouth Post!

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  1. Helen Wharam says:

    John Ware’s summary of our attendance at this meeting features on p5 of Teignmouth Post for Friday 19th.

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