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Supporting Plough and Share

Plough and Share are a Credit Union based in the South West of England. Using professional staff and volunteers they encourage those with little disposable income to save but also provide low interest rate loans both to members and non-members. These loans are much cheaper than other reputable lenders and very much cheaper than payday loan companies.

We had a special Core Group meeting on 26th June at which Paula Anscombe, the manager of Plough and Share, was invited to tell us about their organisation to see if we could offer any help in setting them up with an outlet in Teignmouth, where there are already 117 members.

David Cox and Donald Baldey from Teignmouth Town Council also attended and we had a very positive meeting at which TET agreed to help with publicity and recruitment of volunteers and Donald and David suggested Bitton House as a possible location for a service point, which provides information and where money can be paid in.

Donald and David agreed to have the idea put on to the agenda for the next Town Council meeting on 9th June.


  1. […] Town Council meeting on 9th July at which the proposal for the Council to support establishing a Plough and Share Credit Union service point in Teignmouth was raised by Councillor Donald […]

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