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Drinking Water presentation by Andy Case

cw-logoThis is the presentation, kindly made available by Andy Case, which he gave at one of our Climate Week events, at the Oystercatchers Cafe on 6th March 2013.

Please contact Andy via Case Environmental for further information.

Drinking Water slides



  1. neil howell says:

    A good synopsis. Pity I missed the date. Seems to be pointing in direction of rainwater harvesting as a serious potential way forward. I recently saw an article about a device developed by a university in Chile (I think) which extracts pure water from the air – basically some sort of condensation and filtration device. It’s created as a “billboard” advertising free water and produces about 100l a day. Don’t know what the cost is but could be an interesting “first” for Teignmouth if we could test/promote its use

  2. Andy Case says:

    I think the issue might be is how it is powered – if it uses electric it would need a lot whereas if it relied on solar power, it would need to be somewhere sunny….like Chile. There is also the issue of particulate contamination which might be difficult to avoid. I would be interested in seeing a link to it…can’t be too difficult to build….

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