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Devon Net Zero Carbon Plan

Unfortunately we managed to cross our wires and miss Transition Exeter’s Net Zero Carbon meeting. But, we do now have some links and comments that you may find useful:

The link for submitting ideas to the Devon Carbon Plan is  www.devonclimateemergency.org.uk, which is open for submissions through December.
We also have, from Transition Exeter, a couple of documents by FoE – a 50 point action plan and a list of local policy suggestions, and, a local policy levers document.
And, this is a link to a report covering these issues and more by North West Green MEP Gina Dowding:   https://ginadowding.org.uk/reports/green-new-deal-in-the-north-west/

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  1. John Lintell says:

    Can’t recommend Gina Dowding highly enough. It’s all out there. It’s all possible. However we cannot expect it to come from the (so-called) top, it will have to be bottom up. Gina’s pal Caroline Lucas for PM, say I. ! John

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