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Centralised heating for Exeter

Plans to be unveiled for district heating in Exeter

There is a rare chance to get inside information on the work of the Exeter and East Devon Low Carbon Task Force (LCTF) – most notably plans for a centralised district heating system – next Tuesday 11th November.

The plans involve an integrated heating system that could pump heat directly into homes and businesses via a centralised network of pipes.

The LCTF’s chair John Rigby will give a presentation at an event organised by Exeter Community Energy (ECOE) at the Meeting Room of Stephens Scown Solicitors, Curzon House, Southernhay at 6:45. There’ll then be an open forum to explore the significance of these plans and how the community can work with the LCTF to address energy challenges at a local level.

Attendance is free and everyone is welcome. Tea, coffee and nibbles will be available.

Contact ECOE on info@ecoe.org.uk for more information or visit http://www.ecoe.org.uk/newsevents/ecoe-autumn-events/.

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