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Igloo and Arctic Warrior on the TRAIL

Igloo and Arctic Warrior at the Teignmouth Sculpture Trail – our wonderful polar bear ready to defend his Kingdom.

Thanks to TRAIL,  Holcombe Community Orchard and TAAG Arts and Community Centre for help in constructing the plastic milk bottles to make the igloo. And to all those who brought empty milk bottles to us!

Thanks also to Greenpeace for generously giving us the polar bear used in their Arctic Campaign at Glastonbury Festival which,  once the sculpture tail is over,  will spend the rest of his days at Living Coast.


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  1. pherecrates1 says:

    Maybe we could support Greenpeace further by adding some Lego models!! All over the world, mini LEGO people are rising up in protest against LEGO’s partnership with Arctic driller Shell. See: http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/legogallery

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