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Teign Community Composting (TCC)

March 22nd was celebrated by a keen group of gardeners who are initiating a Community Composting scheme in an area below Hazeldown School on the Cricket field.  Having shared their vision with the Town Council and being fully supported by them, it was time to mark the layout and finally see the foot print of 18 months hard work in planning such an enterprise.

Currently, we dispose of garden waste either via our green bins or by bulky car loads to Newton Abbot.  The waste is then transported to Clyst St Mary for processing. The aim of the Community Composting scheme is to make local use of these valuable raw materials by turning them into compost to enhance our own town and gardens.  This will not only reduce the carbon emissions of transportation to Clyst St Mary but will also qualify for ‘recycling credits’ from Teignbridge which will be spent on horticulture around Teignmouth.  The scheme will be run for and by members who, for a small annual subscription, will bring their green garden waste to the site where it will be turned into compost.  In return, they may buy the finished product – the compost – for their garden.

Composting, if correctly managed, does not smell and as it will only be green garden waste, vermin will not be being attracted to the area.   The site will be open for 4 hours a week and will be staffed and monitored each time by the volunteers.

Such a scheme requires many willing volunteers with jobs varying from sorting, weighing, sieving and bagging the compost, vehicle control and selling the compost to members.  We also urgently need a treasurer and someone with good IT skills. Even if you can only offer an hour or so from your own home, we can find a job for you!

Devon enjoys a good record of recycling and has over 20 similar composting sites in the county.  With the possibility of Teignbridge charging for the collection of garden waste in our wheelie bins starting in 2015, it is to be expected that the number of similar sites will increase.

Do come and join us and be part of another great initiative for Teignmouth!  Contact:


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