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Kings Fund report: Improving the public’s health

A report from the Kings Fund which is intended as a resource for local authorities. The reports pulls together evidence from successful interventions across key local authority functions about ‘what works’ for improving health and reducing health inequalities. It’s hugely encouraging to see how closely the key areas overlap with Transition principles.

The report focuses on practical actions that local authority officers and teams can take in these nine key areas:

  • the best start in life
  • healthy schools and pupils
  • helping people find good jobs and stay in work
  • active and safe travel
  • warmer and safer homes
  • access to green and open spaces and the role of leisure services
  • strong communities, wellbeing and resilience
  • public protection and regulatory services (including takeaway/fast food, air pollution, and fire safety)
  • health and spatial planning.

Details at: http://www.kingsfund.org.uk/projects/improving-publics-health?gclid=CKGAwPLcubsCFQMUwwod6HcAWg

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