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Seed Swap at the TAAG Centre, Sat 9th,10am – 1pm

There will be a talk on how to save seeds and why it is important followed by the Seed Swap. cw-logo

Everyone is invited, whether you have seeds to share or not. The hope is that if you take seeds away this year, you will come back next year, having saved a few seeds yourself. If you have saved seed, please write the variety (if possible) and year on a packet. You can also bring seeds in commercial packets that you have not used, providing they are less than 3 years old.

Seeds supplied by Tucker Seeds, Ashburton.

Seed sharing has become increasingly popular over recent years even featuring on Gardener’s Question Time!   Apart from saving money it is a way of trying different or Heritage varieties that cannot be bought in shops because of UK law that says you can only sell certain varieties, which is why all garden centres and shops sell much the same stock. This means that even if you have been growing a variety for years, if it is not ‘Listed’ it is illegal to buy or sell it. Heritage varieties are at risk from dying out because of this law, reducing choice and biodiversity. This is also why we ask only for donations towards costs of the day.

Tuckers, the seed merchants from Ashburton, have offered us some seeds and also some catalogues.

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