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No garden does not mean no gardening!

I have no garden, no allotment, yet have found the room for a few small vegetable beds. How? Not magic, no, more a case of having an idea and mentioning it to someone, who mentioned it to somebody else…

Through a contact at TET’s Community Garden in Eastcliff Park, I discovered that a family a few streets from my home has a garden with an unused vegetable plot. I needed a plot, they had a free one. The answer was obvious: a garden share.

I met the family towards the end of the summer and we agreed how the garden share would work. I was to cultivate the vegetable plot, currently set out as four small beds, and as ‘payment’ for the use of the land, provide the family with a share of the produce.

With a good harvest I hope to be able to provide winter leeks, onion in the early summer, and a range of spring and summer crops next year.

The arrangement seems to work for everybody: I get some space for vegetables, the plot is kept in shape and the family receive part of the crop.

If you want to find out more, contact me via TET at info@teigntransition.org.uk.

Liz Green

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