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Your Garden Needs…

It’s been two years since we bought tools for everyone to use at the Community Garden, and some of the forks and spades are beginning to show the strain of keeping up with us.
Bookstall to the rescue:

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(These pictures were taken late in the day, but you get the idea.)

The sun shone, people came to see us, they brought books, looked at books, and bought books, and they all went away with Teign Estuary Transition contact details, so as well as a great fund raising event, it was a chance to talk transition. A big thank you to all our helpers and supporters for making this event so successful for us.

And if any of you have gardening tools in need of hard work and appreciation, you know where to find us!

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  1. […] which was won by Gillian Campbell; to Flo who contributed the fine gazebo you can see in the pictures of the event; to Tom whose idea it was and for helping to organise the event; and to Fran and Liz […]

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