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Building low carbon economies – Wed 7th of March 6.30pm, Exeter University

Transition Exeter University presents: Building low carbon economies: partnership, activism or transition?

Peter North-Low Carbon Liverpool/University of Liverpool

Pete North gained his BA in History and Politics in 1984. After a few years
working for the Departments of Employment, Trade and Industry, and
Environment, he gained his MA in Peace Studies from the University of
Bradford (1993) and his PhD from the School for Advanced Urban Studies at
the University of Bristol (1997). He was a post-doctoral Research Associate
on a project on Local Business Representation in Local Economic Development
at the University of Sheffield (1996-7). Between 1997 and 2002 he was Senior
Research Fellow at the Local Economy Policy Unit at South Bank University.
He joined the University of Liverpool in 2002. His research focus is on
alternatives to neoliberal globalisation, from a political economy
perspective. Peter is currently working on a one year Economic and Social
Research Council-funded project “Building the Low Carbon Economy on
Merseyside.”    The project is a ‘knowledge exchange’ involving the
University, Liverpool Vision, Liverpool Chamber, and Groundwork Merseyside.
The project aims to understand the practical opportunities and constraints
in building a low carbon economy on Merseyside, moving from an emphasis
primarily on economic growth for what has been seen as an economically
lagging city. He is a founding member of Low Carbon Liverpool-the local
Transition Initiative.

Poldhu Room, Kay Building, University of Exeter
6.30pm Wednesday 7th of March

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