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Energyshare update: final countdown to June 30th

Our funding bid to upgrade lighting in public buildings across Teignmouth and Shaldon is currently ranked 37th out of 893 groups. It’s exciting to be doing so well, but only bids with the most supporters on 30th June will go through to the next round so we urgently need more supporters before Thursday.

While there’s still time, please support our bid with your online vote if you haven’t yet done so, and please invite at least one other person to vote for us.  

Details of how to vote are here:  https://teigntransition.org.uk/energy/energyshare/

Voting is a quick two-stage process – you register your name (or nickname), email address and postcode, then you’ll get an email from Energyshare with a link that you need to click to complete the process. Energyshare won’t accept any other statement of support – it has to be via their online voting system. If you get stuck, please let us know so we can help.

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