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Energyshare bid: please support!

The final extended deadline for getting support for our Energyshare bid is 30th June. Energyshare will select groups to go forward from those with the most supporters.

If we’re successful our bid will benefit Alice Cross Centre, Meadow Centre, TAAG Centre, Victoria Hall and Shaldon Methodist Church. Electrician David Onslow, of Shaldon, has assessed these and other sites for us: these five sites offer the potential to make up to 40% savings in electricity-use is some areas.

We now have nearly 50 supporters. There are over 30 groups with more bids than us, so we still have a lot of work to do in the next few days. Please do everything you can to enlist supporters – these could include your friends, relatives and colleagues. If you know people who use Facebook or Twitter, please ask them to help.

Details of how to vote are here:  https://teigntransition.org.uk/energy/energyshare/

You can also download and display our poster:

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  1. Val Lightfoot says:

    As a member of moose International (Teignmouth Ladies Home Circle 287) we use the Alice Cross Centre regularly for our monthly meetings and also support other functiuons that take place there. I am therefore supporting Teign Estuary Transition in their Energy Share bid.

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