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The Walled Garden at Eastcliff Park

Teign Estuary Transition and Friends of Eastcliff have begun a new phase of work in the Walled Garden in Eastcliff Park.  Thanks to the efforts of members and also the Community Payback teams, a great deal of clearing has been done.  It is now possible to see all the fruit trees which have been freed from the brambles which had them in their grip; we look forward to finding out what fruit we have got as the season progresses!

At a Friends of Eastcliff workday the first of the season – much of the cleared vegetation was stacked and burned to get rid of the bramble roots and other invasive plants.   More ivy was carefully cut away from the walls and litter was cleared from the garden and also from around the outside walls.  By the end of the morning a lovely south facing wall had been cleared and some stubborn tree trunks removed from self seeded cherry and elm in the vegetable and herb part of the garden.

On the following Sunday morning at a TET workday the work was continued and a bed at the foot of the south facing wall made ready for planting; we would welcome ideas on what to put in here.  There are also several other beds in this area approaching readiness for planting. Sunday 13th March was warm and sunny in the garden and it was great to have some children working with us and some good natured dogs along for the fun. Once again it was a very productive day with further preparation on the beds and the first preparations to make space for some serious composting!  We hope to have HogCO www.hogco-devonrcc.org.uk over to help us with this when we are ready so anyone interested in composting should watch this space for information.

If you are interested in joining us, we will be there from 11am – 1pm every Sunday morning in March (and probably beyond).  Bring your own gloves and some tools if you have them (we will have some extra tools but not gloves).  We are following the philosophy of permaculture and so the only tools we will be using on the soil are forks and trowels and so please regard the area as a no dig/no spade area. Please bring drinks(especially water if it is hot).

There has been a history of vandalism in the Walled Garden which is possibly made easier by its seclusion.  Recently some daffodils were cut down and a pile of sticks cut for using as supports were thrown around the garden.  This will happen from time to time.  We hope that by persisting with our work we will win out against this kind of damage and even involve some of the perpetrators in our work – and play.

If you are out walking in Eastcliff Park, please call into the Walled Garden as often as possible.  Let us show that we are going to be visiting and enjoying as well as working there and that this is a place for creative work, companionship and fun.   We look forward to seeing you there.


  1. Andy Young says:

    I was there, it was great fun doing the bonfire! Will try to be there Sunday

  2. Hi
    I came to the garden last Sunday with another archaeologist friend (Abi), and hoped to come again this coming Sunday 12th June to meet the permaculture person about mulching. Unfortunately, I cannot come as I have to go and see my sister in Gloucestershire. Please let everyone know.

    I hope to come again and visit as I thought the garden was really interesting, and particularly the re-use of it for community / permaculture use. Brilliant!

    warm wishes
    Theresa Oakley

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