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The Eastcliff Big Lunch – in sunshine!

They came, they saw, they picnicked. An entire army! Well, 60 of us, anyway. After all, it was in the paper (thanks Helen). The smaller ones (and some of the not-so-small) got face painted (thanks Christine) and inspected local moths caught out the night before by a bright light and a small jar – Don’t worry, folks, no moths were harmed during the making of this picnic – there was singing with Teignmouth Community Choir (thanks David) and pond dipping in the Dell (thanks Sian), a history trail around the park (thanks Tacy and Mary) and a local food quiz (thanks Laetitia) with prizes! (thanks to Old Walls Vineyard, Bishopsteignton, and Regency News, Teignmouth). There was transition chat on food and energy, and sensation – The Lady of the Dell may be The Man! Dell-Boy is not what he was, but the photo evidence is unmistakeable, even if the remains of the lad himself could be. What a fantastic afternoon – quite wore me out.

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