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The Eastcliff Big Lunch


Hooray for local food – and drink! Bring it all on.

Date: Sunday, July 18, 2010
Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Mules Park, Eastcliff, Teignmouth

Picnic in the park. Bring food, if you can bring local food from our fantastic suppliers in the area, even better. Bring friends and family

Need to travel here? Enjoy a walk to the park from the railway station or the bus stops along the Dawlish Road or Town Centre. We will be at the top of the hill from the car park at the south end of the park you can see here:

Click to view map

Find out more about this beautiful community space and Teign Estuary Transition.
Do you have something creative you could share with others? Let us know…

The Eastcliff Big Lunch is part of The Big Lunch run by the Eden Project


Take Note! We will be out in the weather.


  1. Grazing Kate says:

    Sounds great – I will be there with my kids and will do as much as I can to publicise the event.

  2. Mike says:

    Heaps of publicity to download at the big lunch website – the link will work once I’ve sorted it! Let us know if you want someone to turn up somewhere

  3. […] Teign Estuary Transition and Friends of Eastcliff will have a Big Lunch on Sunday, July 18 at Eastcliff Park to celebrate sustainability and local resilience as part of the Eden Project’s The Big Lunch. […]

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