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Summary of ‘Food Group’ meeting

On Monday 24 May we welcomed some new members, identified lots of ideas and actions, and also took the opportunity to recommend names of favourite local suppliers to each other. Discussions ranged from farmers markets, pros and cons of car-parking, harvesting local mussels, how to define ‘local’, promoting seasonal vegetables e.g. in greengrocers and the Co-op, gardeners’ problems with slugs and snails, possible ways forward with the garden-share scheme, the importance of including children, and the Teign Estuary Transition’s summer picnic. We had a busy and enjoyable evening – and hope to meet more of you at the next Food Group meeting on 30 June.

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  1. Grazing Kate says:

    Really enjoyed the meeting but after I left I realised I had neglected to take anyone else’s contact details! I am still keen to get involved, so please keep me on the mailing list.

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