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Review of gardening/local food meeting

Nearly twenty people came to the Rugby Club on 10th February for a varied evening programme around gardening.

Mary introduced the Transition concept, then Gemma from Newton Abbot Transition told us about how they got started with their community garden and the progress made so far. We watched an inspiring 10-minute film about their garden and were invited to visit (people work at the garden on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings).

Next, Peter and Marion from the Broadmeadow Allotments shared their enthusiasm, highlighting aspects ranging from social BBQs to shed-building and what a good antidote to stress working on an allotment can be. We were told that there are currently long waiting lists to get an allotment.

We then moved into a circle to discuss possible activities, such as garden-sharing for which there seemed to be great interest and models of successful partnerships, continuing to work with Eastcliff, and making use of currently un-cultivated land.  Note: Helen subsequently contacted councillors David Cox and Alex Cross to enquire about likely availability of land for allotments/community gardening.


  1. Phil Cross says:

    Monica sent in the following re garden sharing in Totnes:
    “The person in charge of the gardenshare project in Totnes is Lou Brown who can be contacted at the TTT office. They seem to be incredibly busy at the moment because they have been inundated by requests from all over the country to help set up similar schemes. They have now produced, on their website, a really clear guide on how to start and run a Gardenshare Scheme, complete with forms and posters that could be used as well. […] Step 1 on this guide is to get the garden OWNERS first by advertising the scheme with posters etc. and the gardeners come later!”

  2. Helen Wharam says:

    David Cox sent the following in response:

    We’ve identified land in Bishopsteignton at Micheal’s Field owned by Teignbridge DC. This will take a bit of the pressure off Broadmeadow as Bishopsteignton doesn’t have any allotments. You are right we are always on the look out for land.

    There is the campaign by Graham Watson MEP to allow farmers to lease their set-aside land for allotments without loosing their subsidy (I’m no fan of the CAP by the way). I’ll find out how quickly Graham thinks it could happen, then we could approach local farmers.

    Tracey Scranage (secretary Coombe Allotments) has some ideas for creating urban allotments on sites that have yet to be developed – like the one at the back of the Kings Arms. The last I heard about the walled garden was the Rangers wanted to recreate the victorian kitchen garden in the brick part.

    I was planning to plant fruit trees at Kingsway (the Tree Council offer grants for up to 75% of the cost) what about turning the grassed areas around the flats into a community garden?

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