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Come and join us!

We’d like you to join in, so come and find out more about Teign Estuary Transition in Teignmouth Triangle on Saturday 19th December, between 10am and noon, where we’re helping with the ‘Make Teignmouth plastic bag free’ initiative – and get a free Teignmouth bag!

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  1. I happened to pass your stall in Teignmouth just before Christmas where you were promoting alternatives to plastic bags. Just to let you know we have a similar campaign running here in Cumbria as part of our local Penrith transition town group (PACT) formed during 2008, as introduced in a short film at:

    Further details on our group and current activities are on our website as follows:


    We also showed Power of Community recently to about 50 people and it was well received.

    Good luck with Teign Estuary Transition,

    Nigel Jenkins

    for PACT

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