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Spring in the Walled Garden

The beds are filling up pretty much according to the (rotation) plan – these last few weeks we’ve planted peas, potatoes, perpetual spinach, kale, red cabbage, salad leaves, radish, chard, lovage and dill. Hollyhocks take a couple of years to mature, but hopefully they will join the cherry, pear and peach trees on the south facing north wall, and, another Community Garden first, hyssop beside the path just up from the wall.

Do come and say hello; we are there most Sunday mornings. Bring sunshine and be prepared to share coffee and biscuits.



Core Group meeting Thurs 8th October

Our first Core Group meeting after a Summer break at TAAG, Northumberland Place, Teignmouth: 8 – 9.30 pm.

We will be discussing the next Teign Estuary Transition Clothes Swap event and issues with the Walled Garden at Eastcliff Park. Please come along if you wish to contribute or just want to find out what’s happening!

Parks and Green Spaces survey 2014

Teignbridge District Council are running their annual survey on parks and green spaces (including Eastcliff Park where we have our Community Garden).

If you want to take the opportunity to give your views – go to: http://www.teignbridge.gov.uk/liveconsultations

Community Potato Bake, Eastcliff Park: Sun 30th Nov from midday

This year’s Community Potato Bake will be in the Walled Garden, Eastcliff Park on Sunday 30th November, starting at midday.
A baked potato lunch will be £3 for adults and free for accompanied children.  The potatoes have all been lovingly grown in the Teign EstuaryTransition Community Garden which forms part of the walled garden.
All money raised goes towards seeds and tools for ensure the ongoing care of the community garden.  We will start gathering around the bonfire in the garden around midday to enjoy the potatoes baking on the fire.  There will be singing with the community choir, storytelling and informal campfire singsongs. If you have an instrument, bring it along.

Soil Association Seed Survey

Not easy to say!

The Soil Association are conducting a survey to determine how well different varieties of plant develop from seed in different areas. Details below:

How much growing success have you had with your seeds this year? Here at the Soil Association we are hoping to tap into your local knowledge to gather information on how different varieties of seeds perform in different parts of the country – our vision is to build an interactive map which will allow you to find the best seed varieties to grow in your area. I’ve put together an easy-to-use Seed Survey for amateur growers on our website, and we’d love it if you could take part and feedback on the highs and lows of your growing this year. Take a look and complete the survey here.

‘Fruit sharing’ scheme for Teignmouth?

Have you ever had a glut of fruit? Have you ever wondered how on earth you’ll find time to pick it all? Have you ever asked yourself: Now who can I give some plums to… ?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a team of volunteers to pick your surplus fruit and re-home it, either turning it into chutneys and jams for sale, or maybe donating it to local charities.

I’m interested in setting up a ‘fruit-sharing’ scheme in Teignmouth, under the umbrella of TET but, first things first, I need to establish whether those of you with fruit trees (anything from one tree upwards) would be interested in donating all or some of your autumn crop in future years.

What’s in it for you? Well, your fruit would be harvested at the right time, avoiding those piles of mushy apples that tend to accumulate and fester, saving you time and making your garden rather neater than it might otherwise be. And, more importantly, the fruit would actually get used, rather than wasted.

Please contact me through this website or email info@teigntransition.org.uk  if you think you would be interested in a scheme of this sort in future years.