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“Eat for Devon”: review and feed-back

Please let us know how you got on with this challenge, whether you’ve been eating locally produced food for years and sailed through, or whether you couldn’t get started, or are somewhere in between.

What can we each do next as Transition Group members, to increase local resilience? Will you continue trying to source local food? Please leave a comment.


  1. Mike says:

    I had mixed success; it was very easy to produce main meals from local suppliers, not so easy to do without tea and coffee! Buying in season brought obvious benefits in cost and taste, and, I guess, nutrition. Sadly, most food labelled Organic or Farm produce from Devon, or anywhere else come to that, had a cost hike compared to the supermarket equivalents, and those equivalents were available until 8 at night and came complete with instructions.
    I shall be back to the independents – I may even blog my cooks progress…

  2. Phil Cross says:

    I managed better than I had expected. There were some slight cheats, such as tea from Cornwall that also included imported tea from China in the mix; milk was from the Co-op, which wasn’t specifically from Devon, but was from the West Country; and I made bread from flour that was from the UK (but used Cornish salt!).

    I generally did without butter, since we hadn’t managed to get any from Devon, but found that local chicken sandwiches were fine without 🙂 and had Cornish Farings for biscuits, although perhaps some of the ingredients weren’t local!

    All in all it’s shown me that we can eat more locally now, to help reduce carbon emissions and support the local economy over the global one – but it’ll be a while before it’s easy to eat only locally!

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