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This is the web site for Teign Estuary Transition: a local initiative to help communities around the Teign Estuary explore collaborative ways to move towards a low energy, sustainable future.

It has been started by an enthusiastic group of local people who are concerned about the twin challenges of diminishing oil and gas supplies, known as ‘Peak Oil’, and climate change. We believe that these challenges offer opportunities for a step-by-step ‘transition’ to a sustainable future.

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TET Autumn Clothes Swap 2014 – Saturday 18th October

at TAAG, Northumberland Place, Teignmouth

Update your wardrobe for the autumn and get rid of those clothes you never wear.  Invite your friends.  The more people who take part, the better the choice!

Entrance to the clothes swap is £1.50 and you must bring a donation of clothing to swap in order to take part.

9.30-11 am                   Drop off clothes and pay £1.50 entrance.  Receive tickets.

11.30-2.30 pm             Swap clothes!

For each item of clothing you drop off you receive one ticket which you will be able to exchange for an item of clothing of your choice from 11.30-2.30.   If you want more items of clothing than you have tickets for you can buy extra tickets for £1.

Clothing must be clean and in good condition.  Underwear, shoes and socks are not accepted.

Light refreshments will be available at TAAG from 10am.

How re-using good clothes helps the environment

Research showed there are three main reasons why we have so many clothes we no longer wear – they simply don’t fit, they’re suffering from wear or tear or we just haven’t got round to turning them out. If we could make more use of these clothes, through alteration, repair, multiple reuse and recycling, there’s great potential for consumers to realise some financial and environmental savings.

Around half of clothing is re‐used at present, and over two‐thirds of this goes overseas. Increasing the re‐use rate in the UK and for export would reduce the total waste each year. Things are improving in that there is significant willingness to buy or receive pre‐owned clothes – more than two‐thirds of adults have done so in the past year. But research shows that some 30% of clothing has not been worn for the last year and four in five people own at least some clothes that have not been worn because they no longer fit or need altering. This indicates there may be substantial volume of good quality clothing suitable for reuse. 30% is also the figure of clothing estimated to go to landfill. If all this material was donated for re‐use or recycling, it would provide £140 million or more (at June 2012 prices).

One of the ways which we can extend the life of our unwanted clothing is by passing them on to others and so do come and enjoy our Clothes Swap on Sat 18th October.

Igloo and Arctic Warrior on the TRAIL

Igloo and Arctic Warrior at the Teignmouth Sculpture Trail – our wonderful polar bear ready to defend his Kingdom.

Thanks to TRAIL,  Holcombe Community Orchard and TAAG Arts and Community Centre for help in constructing the plastic milk bottles to make the igloo. And to all those who brought empty milk bottles to us!

Thanks also to Greenpeace for generously giving us the polar bear used in their Arctic Campaign at Glastonbury Festival which,  once the sculpture tail is over,  will spend the rest of his days at Living Coast.


Igloo building

The Teignmouth Igloo is almost finished but needs more clean, plastic milk bottles for this weekend. If you can wash and bleach them that would be really helpful.

Please bring them in to the TAAG Arts and Community Centre in Northumberland Place in Teignmouth if you have collected any. Hopefully it will be finished by Sunday 20th with your help.

The centre is open from 10am to 5pm every day.

The picture below shows the work done so far on the Teignmouth Igloo ready for the 10th Anniversary TRAIL Sculpture Trail.




Tolpuddle Pilgrimage 2014: Sun 13th July, 3-5 at TAAG

Land: a common treasury for all

Welcome tea and folk songs

Sunday 13th July  3 – 5pm at TAAG, Northumberland Place, Teignmouth

With stirring folk songs (old and new) focusing on the theme of rights and land and the dignity of the ordinary man and woman.

Film at 5pm

“Best Before”: The London Food Revolution

After this, weather permitting, there will be a walk up to the community gardens in Eastcliff Park to celebrate our own bit of common land… so please join us.

All welcome and do please bring a contribution (in the form of cakes/biscuits etc.) to the shared tea.

The Tolpuddle Pilgrimage is a walk from Plymouth, Devon, to Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Dorset, from 10th – 19th July 2014 on the 180th anniversary of the arrest of the Tolpuddle Martyrs for organising against their worsening conditions and pay cuts.

TET Clothes Swap: Saturday 17th May

Teign Estuary Transition will be holding another Clothes Swap on Saturday 17th  May at TAAG, Northumberland Place, Teignmouth.

This is a great opportunity to swap clothes that you no longer wear for clothes that you want to wear! It starts at 12 noon until 3.30 but you can drop off clothes between 10 to 11.30 when you will receive a ticket for each item of clothing. Return at 12.00 to ‘spend’ your tickets. Each item of clothing costs 1 ticket and, if you wish, you can also buy extra tickets for £1. Evening wear may be exchanged for 3 tickets.


Current Challenges and Future Prospects for a Fair and Sustainable Europe

A panel of candidates for the European Parliament will answer questions tonight, Thursday May 8th 6.30 pm, at the Amory Moot Room, University of Exeter. The topic for discussion is: “Current Challenges and Future Prospects for a Fair and Sustainable Europe”.

Event organized by Transition Exeter with the University of Exeter.

Panellists will be Giles Chichester MEP, Conservative; Anne Reeder, Labour; Dr. Kay Barnard, Libdem; Earl William Dartmouth, UKIP; and Molly Scott-Cato, Green Party.


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