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This is the web site for Teign Estuary Transition: a local initiative to help communities around the Teign Estuary explore collaborative ways to move towards a low energy, sustainable future.

It has been started by an enthusiastic group of local people who are concerned about the twin challenges of diminishing oil and gas supplies, known as ‘Peak Oil’, and climate change. We believe that these challenges offer opportunities for a step-by-step ‘transition’ to a sustainable future.

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Teign Community Composting (TCC)

March 22nd was celebrated by a keen group of gardeners who are initiating a Community Composting scheme in an area below Hazeldown School on the Cricket field.  Having shared their vision with the Town Council and being fully supported by them, it was time to mark the layout and finally see the foot print of 18 months hard work in planning such an enterprise.


Don’t Panic: the truth about population

Interesting programme shown on BBC 2 last November but still available online.

An “Infographic extravaganza with world famous Swedish statistician and showman Hans Rosling. His main message – that our world is profoundly changing in ways most of us simply don’t realise – much of it for the better…”

Entertaining programme worth a look – using data in an entertaining way to show how population growth and world poverty are changing.

Click here to watch.

Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population was produced by Dan Hillman. It was originally commissioned for BBC2’s This World and is made in partnership with The Open University and UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting).

Teign Estuary Trail online petition

The e-petition is still open. If you haven’t yet signed, you can use this link.

As of today, only 1317 people have signed and we need 6000 signatures to require Devon County Council to debate this item. Closing date is Jan 31st!

The completion of the Trail is vital not only to create jobs and provide a much needed economic boost but also to develop a safe and healthy resource that walkers, nature lovers, families, young children, the disabled, the older generation and cyclist can use together for now and future generations.

Please note that the on-line form asks for your address and then it also asks for Address Format. In this box just put your address again please.

Credit Union opening in Teignmouth

The Plough and Share Credit Union has opened in Teignmouth this week.

Plough and Share is based in the South West of England. Using professional staff and volunteers they encourage those with little disposable income to save but also provide low interest rate loans both to members and non-members. These loans are much cheaper than other reputable lenders and very much cheaper than payday loan companies.

Plough and Share have now opened two service points in Teignmouth, staffed by volunteers: at The Library on Saturdays and at The Meadow Centre on Wednesdays, beginning this week.

For more information, visit their web site or pop along to one of the new service points.

Find us at TAAG: January 11th – 24th

TAAG (Teignmouth Arts Action Group) are giving over their exhibition space in Northumberland Place to local voluntary groups. Teign Estuary Transition are there along with many other local groups and charities. Pop along to support us and see what else is going on in the local community!

Kings Fund report: Improving the public’s health

A report from the Kings Fund which is intended as a resource for local authorities. The reports pulls together evidence from successful interventions across key local authority functions about ‘what works’ for improving health and reducing health inequalities. It’s hugely encouraging to see how closely the key areas overlap with Transition principles.


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